The Hottest Female Sports Reporters

There is nothing… And I mean nothing more sexy and attractive than a woman who can talk about sports like a dude. Beauty and a mind for athletics equals the ultimate wifey. Women will never understand how much you’re bringing to the table if you can tell a man a thing or two about his favorite team. What’s better than catching a woody while getting the highlights of the Monday Night Football game.

Here are some of my favorite female sport reporters

Britt McHenry

ESPN Reporter

I can listen to her say the injury report all day long


Cassidy Hubbarth

Host on NBA Tonight and NBA Coast to Coast on ESPN

She’s always clowning around if you see her on twitter.

Cassidy Hubbarth - July 11, 2013

Melanie Collins

Golf Channel and Yahoo Sports Broadcaster

She is the definition of a perfect woman, where do I find a Melanie Collins?!


Sam Ponder

ESPN Reporter & wife of Christian “Pick 6” Ponder


Kay Adams

Fantasy Football Live on NBC Sports

A girl who knows fantasy football > A girl with a degree


Kristine Leahy

CBS LA and CBS Sports

I don’t know what sport she’s assigned to and quite frankly I don’t care one bit


Sara Carbonero

Spanish TV Reporter

Famously was kissed by Spain GK Iker Casillas after he won the world cup in 2010, Think the kiss meant more.


April Rose

Fox Sports, GuyCode cast member, and Maxim host

She’s always replying to my tweets, I think she loves the Lamb ❤

april rose

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