5 Reasons Why Day Drinking Is The Best

Finally after a long miserable winter, we’re starting to see some nice weather and with summer right around the corner that also means day drinking season is just about underway as well. Not too many things come to mind that can top enjoying a beautiful day with your buddies and a bunch of beers. And here are 5 reasons why day drinking is the best:

Day Drinking is the best way to get rid of a hangover


One of the easiest ways to get rid of a hangover. If you ever wake up feeling like shit just start partying again and son enough, goodbye hangover.

Outdoor/Rooftop bars


Drinking beats outdoor bars. They’re the best. It combines sitting in a bar all day with out the self loathing for wasting a beautiful day. Which is a great combo.

Way more time for activities

dizzy bat

Its pretty tough to fit multiple drinking games into one party at night, usually one game takes over and that sets the theme for the night. But the earlier start the more time you have for more games, so that means you can play beer pong, flip cup, dizzy bat, beer ball, kings, and whatever other drinking game your heart desires.

You’ll get to bed earlier

drunk sleep

The earlier you start the earlier you’ll end, its science. That may sound like your missing out on the bar scene at night but on the upside you will be in bed earlier and get more sleep which will reduce your chance of a hangover. Not a bad trade off.

Your whole day is one long pre-game

wedding crashers

For those of you warriors who can make it to the bar after a day of bozzing it up, my congratulations to you.Thats an impressive feat in itself. Basically you’ve been pre-gaming all day and now you’re probably having way more fun than anyone else in the bar and thats a victory right there.

Heres a song dedicated to day drinking just to top it off

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