A Recap Of The ‘Fight Of The Century’

Everybody was tuned in on Saturday night for what was labeled the Fight of the century. A fight six years to late but hey we finally got it. Floyd Mayweather & Manny Paquiao got to square off in the most highly anticipated fight in history. If you went on social media during or after the fight, you noticed that everyone was talking about it. Here are my thoughts on the “fight of the century “

If you’ve watched before, We got exactly what we expected


If you’ve watched boxing before, in particular a Floyd Mayweather fight, it’s exactly what you expected. He is a defensive specialist who has probably taken three or four big punches in his boxing career. In all Mayweather fights, the biggest moment of the fight is a big punch thrown by his opponent. He never lands the memorable blow in any fight, yet picks his spots & prevails.

┬áIf you went to the fight you’re a rich f**k


You can can keep your Lambo & Rolls Royce, Private Jet lifestyle is when you know you’re a baller. This was the scene at the Vegas airport for the big fight. An estimated 100 private jets landed. Most notably, Tom Brady went from the Kentucky Derby to the fight and establishing that he’s had the Greatest 24 hours anybody has ever had.

The Tecate girl was the real MVP


I mean let’s be honest, just look at her. The Tecata Girl’s were the real show stoppers in this entire event. Especially this one who is just phenomenal


What’s next for both fighters ?

imageMayweahter has already made it clear that his last fight will be in September. His contract with Showtime Boxing will expire. Pacman is going to be sidelined for 9-12 months with rotator cuff surgery & has mentioned how he wants to become the president of the Philippieans. Another rematch wouldn’t be the worst thing to happen but like we all know, it’s up to Floyd Money to decide it

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