Why We Must Let This Deflate Gate Bullshit Go

We had to have realized it the moment Sportscenter opened up with Billy Nye the Science Guy talking about some scientific bullshit. It’s become common for media outlets like ESPN to just beat on a dead horse. The Deflate gate situation was a complete joke to begin with from day one. Every bit of information of this story has been exaggerated and stretched far beyond imagination. This is why we need to just let it go.

Every time the Colts play the Patriots it’s a lopsided affair


Nobody has given trouble to Andrew Luck since he’s come into the NFL like the Patriots have. Something about young QB’s and Belichick schemes that make even the best QB’s look mediocre. Colts with Luck have squared off with the Patriots four times since he became the top pick in the 2012 draft, the colts are 0-4 with an average of 20 point losses every time.

The Patriots have been the class of the league for over 15 years


It would make more sense if it was the Raiders who were involved in this scandal, or a team that hasn’t had success recently. The Patriots are the epitome of success in the NFL since the new millennium. Year in and year out the Patriots end up in the AFC title game so it should be no surprise that they are winning games of significant importance.

Colts should’ve blamed their balls for their turnovers


If you’ve watched a football coach speak after a win or loss, they’ll refer to one stat in the box score to determine almost every outcome, Turnovers. If you win the turnover battle ( have less turnovers than your opponent) you win the game on average 80% of the time. In that AFC title game, the Colts had three turnovers and even had an interception returned to the crib, a 14 point swing.

Tom Brady played better with the balls regulated


The entire deflate gate saga has constantly reiterated that the balls were deflated in the first half of the game. Going into the halftime intermission, the Patriots had a 10 point lead that they were nursing. Brady looked “UnBrady Like” in that first half, then they came out of the locker room. Brady proceeded to go 12/14 with three touchdowns in that second half. Balls were just fine and so was Mr Brady.

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